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That’s not my Neighbor Game Free

Welcome to the most unique horror game you have ever witnessed! Experience the intense and dangerous job in the Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D.) and face vicious and cunning monsters, who are going to tear you apart, unless you are careful enough.

About Game That’s not my Neighbor

This ominous working simulator was developed by Nacho Sama and presented on Its devious 2d style with the faded colours and amusingly disproportionate facial features really immerses you into the atmosphere of the alternative end of the 20th century. Will you survive during the period of the increased doppelganger activity?

You were chosen for a not very pleasant, but still very important job. Control the entrance of your building and check if there are no traitors amongst your friendly neighbours. Your attentiveness has a major role in That’s not my Neighbor, as only one mistake will mean you are meant to become the next victim of the blood-thirsty supernatural creatures.

How to Play That’s not my Neighbor

Being a new doorman, you will need to be extra careful with those who want to enter the building. It is said that lots of devious ghosts are out there, ready to hunt thoughtless laymen. However, the game needs you to prevent cruel injustice and stop the demons from their disgusting plans.
That’s not my Neighbor
Doppelgangers are known for their ability to imitate people’s voice and appearance, but sometimes their disguise is imperfect. Notice such differences between a normal human being and an ominous creature and press the emergency button to eliminate the threat and free the world from one more evil entity.

The gameplay of That’s not my Neighbor requires a great deal of effort from you, as you will have to memorise all the conditions under which a person is allowed to go through the control post. Examine the instructions meticulously and listen to everything that your employer is telling you. The conditions may change and you will need to keep this in mind.

The creepy ghosts in That’s not my Neighbor become smarter and smarter every day, so you will need to keep up with their inventiveness and consider lots of factors, while accomplishing daily tasks.  Even without any mods, the process involves multiple aspects for you to learn!

To help you with identifying the enemies, the game offers you to fill in special forms for each neighbour. This way, you will be able to check if there is something wrong with a particular person. If you notice even the slightest inconvenience, don’t hesitate to notify the Department of That’s not my Neighbor about it.

Get acquainted with your office

In That’s not my Neighbor you will be examining the people from your tiny office with all the needed equipment. Carefully inspect every single object there, as in case of danger, there will be no time to figure out the peculiarities of every item. So, before you start the shift, take a look at every part of the office.

  • Security window. That is where you will be able to see the faces of the intruders. The ghosts in That’s not my Neighbor are not really good at mimicking sometimes, so if you see too many eyes, weird holes or anything of this kind, you better deny the entry immediately.
  • Folders. Place all the forms inside these folders to ensure that no peculiarity about the neighbours is not forgotten. For your convenience, they are distributed according to the floors.
  • Checklists. Take the blank from the pile in front of you and write all the information about a person, including their personal data, place of work and other details.
  • Hatch. The visitors will be giving you their essential documents through a little hatch under the window.
  • Buttons. Push the appropriate button to either accept or deny the entry to your current client.
  • Emergency button. If you are completely sure that there is a doppelganger in front of you, use this button to make the Department know and to get rid of the demon right here.
  • Telephone. There may be other questions to your employer throughout the game, so if you need additional information, use the phone on your side to communicate with D.D.D.

Outsmart the witty entities

Check out the full version of That’s not my Neighbor on pc or try out the mobile version mods to delve into the exquisite atmosphere of terror and suspense. You never know who will be the next resident, a normal human or an insolent doppelganger, who is waiting for you to fail. Thus, prepare for long shifts, full of unexpected turns and new kinds of entities with their vicious tactics.

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This game is an uncommon merge of the logical skill challenge and terrifying experience. Remember that all the residents are relying on you, their lives are in your hands, so don’t lose concentration and banish heinous creatures until they understand that this building is unreachable for any evil!