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That’s not my Neighbor 2

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That’s not my Neighbor 2

The doppelganger invasion is reported! Make sure your house avoids their harmful effect and all the residents remain alive. Luckily, there is a special Department that was formed exactly for such cases. Join them and accomplish your mission in That’s not my Neighbor by figuring out the traitors and leaving them hungry.

Gameplay That’s not my Neighbor

In this game you will need to get acquainted with your office in the hall of the building, where all the visitors will be heading. Check them, one by one, using the information given you by the Department and also the facts that you can figure out yourself by simply asking your neighbours.

As similar simulators do, That’s not my Neighbor presents to you a separate place, where all the instructions together with the records are stored. In case you notice that there is something wrong either with the appearance or with the papers of the person, you may compare it with the appropriate blank and dispel any suspicion.

It is also easy to block the entrance in the game, if you must. Just push the button with the closed padlock and no entity will be able to sneak inside the building. The monsters in That’s not my Neighbor may be cunning, but they are still restricted with their mortal shell, so let the Department guards deal with the unlucky entities that didn’t pass the control.

The emergency button will help you in such cases and especially, when you notice horrific changes happening right in front of you. A disgustingly elongated face with blank eye sockets just can’t be a human one, so don’t hesitate to protect yourself and your friends from this atrocity. However, prepare to see such examples in That’s not my Neighbor quite often.

The enemies are hiding everywhere

In this game, the opponents will do everything possible to avoid your attention. At the beginning their disguises may not be the perfect ones at all, but the more monsters you exterminate, the more tricks they invent. So, not only the looks will be needed to identify a possible danger in That’s not my Neighbor.

Although, be careful not to become the victim of a doppelganger yourself! The game warns you to close the window to not allow any assault. A noticed ghost will be undoubtedly angry with its failure and you may become the one to experience all the fullness of its cruelness. You haven’t done all this path in That’s not my Neighbor only to transform into a ghost yourself!