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That’s not my Neighbor Update

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That’s not my Neighbor Update

Can you outwit the miserable entities, mimicking people with terrifying accuracy? In That’s not my Neighbor you will have to deal with such ghosts on a daily basis. It seems like their number tends to rise and additional means of security is needed. So, become the guardian of the residents’ peace and confront the evil.

How to play That’s not my Neighbor

In this game, you are going to oppose a certain type of the demons, known as doppelgangers. They may not be the strongest ones, but they are surely very canny. Using a physical shell of a human as a disguise, they will be trying to reach the food source directly.

Luckily, you are here to prevent the ghosts from doing so, applying your logical skills. That’s not my Neighbor includes several characteristics that should be verified before any person enters the house. Ask them for the documents and decide if everything seems normal or if there is a disturbing detail that may be a cause of denial.

Note that some of the hateful entities may be somewhat upset with your incredible ability to dope out the truth, so be ready to make the emergency call at any moment! Don’t let the heinous entity take you as a prize and leave the elimination to the Department.

Banish the imposters

In That’s not my Neighbor your errors have a high cost, as in the worst case, your inattentiveness may lead to a complete devastation. At the same time, you should not be too suspicious, as if a real human won’t reach their apartment, you will be accused of being a monster yourself!

Moreover, with each shift, you will have to consider more and more details. Doppelgangers can get wonderfully creative with their tricks and this may influence the mere process of check in. Thus, keep the records of the people near and don’t neglect looking through them from time to time.

Knocking out the traitors, their number doesn’t seem to decrease. On the contrary, every update of That’s not my Neighbor brings new kinds of them. Will you manage to memorise numerous residents and differentiate them from their evil counterparts?