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That’s not my Neighbor Horror

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That’s not my Neighbor Horror

Have you ever experienced bloodcurdling horrors during your working shift? If not, then you have a brilliant opportunity to try out this wonderful feeling of your heart sinking into your boots in That’s not my Neighbor! This incredible game is ready to show you how witty and perilous the evil entities may be.

Gameplay That’s not my Neighbor

As the Department made a decision to give you a position among their ranks, you will need to follow the instructions they have prepared. Now no one can enter the building without your permission and you have to be extremely careful with those, who you allow to do it. One missed detail may cost your life!

To avoid such a sad ending, the game offers you to learn some elements of its unsophisticated, but thrilling gameplay. You may not have a bunch of equipment in your office and your employer didn’t provide you with any weapon, but That’s not my Neighbor still needs you to handle this situation with dignity.

The buttons on the right will be your main attribute with which you will determine the fates of the visitors. In any case, if you are dealing with a real human, there is nothing you should be afraid of. But if a vicious doppelganger comes here, looking for prey, you will need to react swiftly!

Evade complicated traps

Your enemy in That’s not my Neighbor is really inventive and it won’t stop until each resident of the building will be destroyed by the bloodthirsty spirits. However, their true forms are too atrocious to let them inside, so the ghosts will copy the behaviour and the facial features of your well-known neighbours.

Don’t let them fool you, as you know everyone perfectly! Even if there are some details you need to refresh in your memory, there are several folders in the game, including complete lists with the data on every visitor that may come to you today. No doppelgangers will pass such thorough control!

Although, the atmosphere of uneasy anticipation will be haunting you throughout the whole game, leaving a sense of anxiety. What if you made a mistake and a hungry ghost is roaming across the corridors of your own building, killing innocent residents? You will never know until the shift is over.