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That’s not my Neighbor

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That’s not my Neighbor

The universe of devious monsters is waiting for you to step into it and exterminate all evil, in an attempt to help people around you. It may not be your personal choice, but now you are the one responsible for restraining evil and That’s not my Neighbor will show you that this is not the easiest task!

Gameplay That’s not my Neighbor

Take the office of the doorman and accomplish your job without any mistakes! Having a list of residents, make sure that no intruders are allowed inside. The game gives you a full range of various equipment, from the special forms, which will show you the information about each person to the emergency button to use in case of extreme danger.

Get used to the tense atmosphere of That’s not my Neighbor and keep track of the citizens with care. Men and women, they will be facing you through the tiny window and you will need to check them as fast as possible. After all, no one wants to stay outside the house in the evening during such dangerous times!

Before the shift, look closely at the folders on the right. They contain the initial data about your neighbours, including even the most unimportant facts. However, these peculiarities may save you from a critical decision, so don’t neglect any facts if you want to stay alive another day.

Although consider that the game will give you an abundance of written information at once. Take you time to read everything in the blank and all the doppelgangers will be banished from this building at least. Their disguise can give them out before they even throw the documents into the hatch, though, so the appearance is worth examining as well.

Peer into the friendly masks

The ghosts in That’s not my Neighbor have a peculiar skill of making themselves look like relatively common beings. They can imitate the speech, falsify the documents and even learn personal accomplishments of the person they have chosen to be a disguise.

Although, they always leave imperfections and that is where the game needs you to show off deductive abilities. It never occurred to the monsters that you are witty too and can apply their weapon against them. Ask additional questions to make sure you see a real human in the window and not just the cursed shell.

At the same time, you will need to deal with the D. D. D., a special facility that deals with all supernatural occurrences. It was them who picked you up for the unpleasant position of the controller and they will be reaching out to you from time to time. Important news should be transmitted as quickly as possible, so keep an eye on the phone to not miss any.

Leave some place for the attractions, too, as the game includes lots of achievements! Some of them are quite easy to collect and some will need you to invent a whole plan. Will you stack up a complete collection?