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That’s not my Neighbor Unblocked

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That’s not my Neighbor Unblocked

The malicious ghosts have invaded the streets of your town and they are now brave enough to sneak into the houses! That is why the D. D. D. prepared you for an essential, but still quite perilous position. Become an unusual doorman and help the Department to capture dexterous monsters.

Gameplay That’s not my Neighbor

The job of the doorman may not look complicated, but with the conditions given, it may become a real challenge. Get used to the specific features that the game gives out for the confrontations with the ghosts and continue to accomplish your duty. Rely only on the written information and never fall on the lies told by a vicious demon.

That’s not my Neighbor presents a wide range of doppelgangers, pretending to be men and women, mimicking the slightest aspects of their appearance. Although not every entity is capable of fully copying a person, there is always a chance to neutralise one before it begins to hunt humans.

Only after a conversation and a full check-up are you allowed to make a decision to let a resident pass. The game includes a multitude of factors to consider, so it will take some time. But don’t be too slow with it, as the visitors may get upset and even distrustful about you!

Protect the neighbourhood from the dangers

Depending on your success, the story may end in various ways. Sometimes, you may even stumble upon curious secrets and gain amusing achievements. That’s not my Neighbor has a lot to tell to those who are willing to inspect the project all over, so give every outcome a shot.

Fully immerse in the process of constant overseeing and stopping the intruders even before they make an attempt to explain themselves. There is also a separate button for the exceptionally aggressive doppelgangers and it is crucial to push it before the evil forces capture you.

Will you handle the pressure the Department and other residents are causing? Adapt to the never-ending changes in the regulations and keep on investigating the newcomers. Win the battle against the monsters or fall victim to the insidious ghosts.