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60 Seconds Reatomized

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60 Seconds Reatomized

We are glad to see you at 60 Seconds Reatomized! This is an updated version of the challenge, where even more cool moments await players. Are you ready for changes and joyful meetings with characters? The atmosphere may not be the best, but you will definitely be able to enjoy it. Four heroes are ready to entrust their destinies to you, so don’t let them down in the game!

What will you choose?

The game process begins from the moment terrible news is announced on TV. A meteorite is flying towards our planet and will land in exactly one minute. This causes panic in every resident and there is an excuse for this. But the players will have one goal – to survive. What will you do for this?

In 60 Seconds Reatomized, users are challenged to clear away bad thoughts and become focused. There is a shelter not far from your virtual home. Run there quickly to stay safe! But before that you need to collect the necessary items. What do you think will save you from death in the game? Don’t forget about your roommates!

New day – new life!

Each time the ending of the game will be different from the previous one! You can experiment by choosing unique things. Take care of food and water, but also don’t forget about other important aspects. For example, warmth, hygiene, medicines, etc. Fans should think twice before making a decision in 60 Seconds Reatomized!

But remember that there is not much time and you need to hurry! For this reason, quickly explore the area to find what you need. Each time the location will change and the objects will be in a random order. You don’t get to prepare in advance for the game!

Will you be able to complete the mission and stay alive? In 60 Seconds Reatomized, everything will be against you! Even ordinary furniture or kitchen items. Participants must be careful and learn to manage time so as not to lose their lives.