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That’s Not My Neighbor All Doppelgangers

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That’s Not My Neighbor All Doppelgangers

Welcome to That’s Not My Neighbor All Doppelgangers! The plot is that too many doubles have appeared in our world. If someone thinks that this is funny and even has a few positive qualities, then it is not so. Monsters want to destroy our planet, so it’s time to end them! In this game you have to take on the role of a security guard in a residential complex and keep order. Can you cope with such a mission?

What do we have to do?

As we said earlier, in this game, players will get a job as a janitor. This is an elite housing complex that has a Soviet atmosphere. Therefore, if you have long wanted to plunge into the past, then we are glad to welcome you to That’s Not My Neighbor All Doppelgangers! Office, doors, turnstiles are integral parts of this process.

Every minute a person will enter the building. He or she will look normal, but if you look closely, you may notice something is wrong. Some of them are not human, but monsters. Their conspiracy will only fail if the user has a high level of attentiveness in the game. For this reason, always be focused and pay attention to even the little things!

That’s Not My Neighbor All Doppelgangers also has a few additional important points. The first thing is that you must do a thorough analysis of each guest. Anyone who has crossed the threshold is a potential enemy, so check him or her! Ask for documents and monitor behavior! Don’t lose eye contact in the crowd!

Feel the tension!

In this game you need to be on your guard literally every second. You never know when a problem or disaster will happen. You must be prepared for a surprise attack, because the monsters are very cunning. There are several types of them and each of them has its own characteristics. The fate of society is in your hands, so listen to your intuition!

Learn to think logically and also use deduction! In That’s Not My Neighbor All Doppelgangers, users will often fall for the trick and lose. But don’t get discouraged and especially don’t give up! Every mistake is a chance to start over with new knowledge. Train yourself to think clearly and make the checks that wild creatures deserve.

If a large number of people form in the background, do not lose concentration. You must always keep your eyes open and have time to give attention to each object. This game will test players’ quick reactions as well as their ability to cope with stressful situations. Adapt and always be one step ahead of your opponents!