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The Classrooms

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The Classrooms

Step into the shoes of Robert Chen, our intrepid protagonist, as he ventures into the enigmatic world of The Classrooms. Developed by Xefier Games Inc., this survival horror experience defies conventions. Let’s dissect the gameplay mechanics that keep players on edge.

Dynamic Layouts

Imagine a school where the walls shift, doors lead to different dimensions, and time bends. That’s The Classrooms:

  1. Ever-Changing Halls: Each playthrough rearranges the maze.
  2. Anomalous Objects: Collect them to unravel the mystery.
  3. Entity Pursuit: Stay quiet; it listens.

Robert’s Toolkit

Robert’s survival hinges on his tools:

  1. VHS Camera: Record anomalies and document your journey.
  2. Flashlight: Pierces the darkness, revealing hidden paths.
  3. Notebook: Jot down clues and observations.

Community Buzz

Steam forums buzz with theories:

“The chalkboard messages are cryptic!” — ParanormalPete

“Don’t trust the flickering lights.” — InvestigatorX

Remember, The Classrooms isn’t just a game; it’s a descent into madness. Will you decipher its secrets or become one?