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Five Nights in Anime 4

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Five Nights in Anime 4

Five Nights in Anime 4 is a mod for the famous challenge, which is closely related to the horror genre. Here players will visit a building in which they will find themselves locked up with creepy monsters. They are made of iron and want to harm everyone who crosses the threshold. Will you be able to resist them and survive until the morning of the 5 days? Prepare for unexpected situations and demonstrate your courage!

Lightning-fast reaction!

In this game, users will visit the area where concerts take place. Take the role of a security guard who remains on duty just after sunset. The main task is to monitor the location of the animatronics and prevent them from entering the office. Speaking of them in Five Nights in Anime 4! These are unusual toys that you are used to seeing in such challenges.

In this game, users will meet cute and charming girls. They have an attractive appearance and a beautiful figure. But that doesn’t stop them from being real killers. Even if they have no intention of destroying you, they can accidentally hit you with their iron limbs.


In Five Nights in Anime 4, players will have fairly simple responsibilities. Anyone can handle this. For example, you will look at the monitor to see where the creatures are. Fans must also monitor doors that are powered by electricity. So, press the button to close or open them.

In this game, everyone must be attentive and react quickly to stressful situations. Monsters will often set traps and try to lure you out of your office. But you must not let your guard down! Every mistake could be your last, so don’t screw it up in Five Nights in Anime 4!

Don’t lose your common sense, even if enemies attract your attention! In this game it is very important to follow the instructions. You have to come up with a plan or even a strategy to always be one step ahead!