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Captain Willie

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Captain Willie

Captain Willie is a process that will allow you to plunge into an atmosphere of evil. If you have a good psyche and resistance to stress, then welcome. In this challenge, players will feel what fear really is. What can happen on a normal sea voyage? Do you want to know a few secrets about your director? Prepare to be mindful and solve stressful problems!


In this game, players will take on the role of an ordinary sailor. You are about to go on an adventure that will become stranger every second. Are you ready to start doing your navigator’s job? At the beginning of the process, you will receive instructions from Mickey. He seems very kind and doesn’t give you difficult tasks.

Thus, in the game, users will peel potatoes, polish a deck, light a stove to keep warm, and so on. They must also monitor the safety of the ship and constantly troubleshoot any problems that arise. Captain Willie will like the way you handle it. He will not make comments or even correct mistakes. But how long will this last?

Can you handle this?

Captain Willie will become angrier and more insidious. His instructions will become more strange and absurd. This starts to make you nervous and rush, which will lead to some difficulties. Why did he become a real monster? Will you be able not to be afraid of him and finish the game to the end?

He is no longer happy with your work and will find fault with everything. Don’t take anything he does seriously. There will be no one else in the game and you will have to deal with this yourself. Help yourself and resolve the conflict before it’s too late!

This game has several endings, so no one will ever know which one they will get. Remember that the further storyline depends on your decisions. Therefore, be vigilant and reasonable before Captain Willie completely goes crazy. May luck be on your side!