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Storyteller is a fun process that was released last year. But it has become very popular because of its unique features. The developers did not hesitate and created another version, which is also already available. In this game, users will demonstrate their talents in art as well as imagination. If you’re ready to get started now, then welcome!

Any genre!

In this game, players will become the authors of stories that they will come up with on their own. This way you will be taken to a location that you can also choose. Arrange the decorations the way you want and enjoy the result. Then the participants will have to dispose of cool characters.

It could be anyone: a princess, a knight, a witch, a dragon and many others. What kind of plot do you want to build in Storyteller? Will it be a love storyline with a good or bad ending? Or perhaps you want to do a horror or thriller style? Users can also choose adventure, drama, and more in the game.

Main process

At the beginning of the process, users will visit a training field. This can also be called the first chapter in Storyteller. You will notice badge icons throughout the area. You need to insert what you see fit there. Thus, it will affect the plot and turn it in an unexpected direction.

Experiment and be surprised by the results you get in the game! All the heroes will not stand still! They will talk, dance, fight, fall in love and much more. Who will be paired with whom, and who will become enemies? At Storyteller, the choice is yours, so don’t be let down!

Some stories may be familiar to you. For example, this is the famous one about divine beings who must get out of the garden. Guess the actions to hit the target and finish the level successfully. This game also has bonus ones that will bring you in an even better mood. Take your time with this fun challenge!